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Is your dog driving you absolutely nuts? Are you looking for a Georgia Dog Training company to solve your problem? If you answered “Yes” to both questions you came to the right place!

We, Sit Means Sit Dog Training, are a local team of certified professional dog trainers in Cumming Georgia. We serve clients primarily in the North Metro Atlanta cities of Cumming, Woodstock, Canton, Suwanee, Hollysprings, and Gainesville, Georgia (View our entire service area).

Regardless of your dog’s breed, age, size, or temperament, we have a dog training class or program for you.

Looking for basic dog obedience training? We have you covered!

Looking for aggressive dog training? We have you covered!

Looking for group or private dog training classes? We have you covered!

We welcome you to read through our website to learn more about each of our dog training services. Watch a few of our videos, check out our trainer’s bios, and read a few of our client testimonials. Once you’re ready, contact us for a Free Personalized Dog Training Evaluation!

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Ask about our “Heroes Appreciation Discount”. Available to all Police, Rescue, Military, Educators, and Firefighters.

Immersion Board and Train

Immersion Board and Train

Are you the type of person who wants the hard work done for you? Have you always wanted a dog that can sit, stay, come, and heel regardless of the distractions around them? Then our Immersion Board and Train package is for you!

With this elite dog training program, your pooch comes and stays with one of our certified professional dog trainers and is literally immersed in our training program 24×7. We teach them nearly every basic dog training command, plus any additional commands that fit your specific needs. During their stay, your trainer will keep you in the loop by providing progress updates and reports. Then, after a few weeks your dog comes back home better than ever! Our trainers will then teach you and your family the commands we taught your dog and how to properly provide both positive and negative feedback so they can progress their education even further.

Are you ready to make your dog into a super dog of your dreams? Let’s get started with a Free Personalized Evaluation.

private lessons

Private Lessons

Are you wanting to be involved every step of the way through your dogs training? With our Private Lessons Program, you will be directly involved from start-to-finish. Our Certified Professional Trainers will teach you how to effectively train your dog. The main benefits of the program are listed below:

Full Attention: You and your dog will have our Professional Trainer’s complete Attention. With no other dogs or clients around, the lesson will be 100% devoted to you.

Custom Program: Without the need for a moderate group lesson, our trainer will develop a training program based on your dog’s one of a kind personality, demeanor, and size.

Scheduling Flexibility: We are devoted to work around your busy schedule, even if that means evening or weekend appointments. We can hold private lessons at your home, work, our facility, or other choice of location.

Goal Oriented: We will create specific goals to meet through our training based off what you tell us you’d like to see your dog achieve.

Ready to take the next step? Give us a Call, or fill out a Free Evaluation Today.

Puppy Management

Puppy Management

Have you just added a new puppy to your family? The first 20 weeks of your dogs life is important in shaping their social skills, manners, and behaviors. Starting early is key to creating a strong bond between you and your dog, and also to ensure your dog is social with other people and especially other dogs.

Get off to the right start! We offer private lessons and group socialization classes. Our goal is to help you build the foundation necessary for a well-mannered dog. We will cover basic house training, puppy behavioral training, and social skills important for puppies. You will learn exercises to further your dogs training while also forming the extremely important bond between you and your dog.

If you’re wanting to ensure your dog will grow to be the confident well-mannered dog we all seek, contact us today for your free consultation.

Small Group Classes

Are you looking to socialize your dog while still getting the benefits of one-on-one training? Our small group classes offer the best of both worlds. Whether your dog is young or old, they can learn and make some new friends in one of our group classes.

When you sign up for one of our group classes, your dog will be getting the attention it needs by both you and one of our certified trainers. Is your dog having accidents in the house? Not listening to you and getting distracted by the squirrel outside the window? We will cover all these topics in both our Puppy Pre-School and Basic Obedience Classes.

Want to learn more about what our Group Classes have to offer? Contact us today!

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn Programs

Are you an employee at vet clinic, grooming salon, or boarding kennel? Have you ever wondered about the latest research and findings in dog training? The professional dog training staff at Sit Means Sit has you covered!

Bring your staff to our facility for an afternoon and let our professional trained staff show you the ins and outs of dog training. We will go over proven methods as well as some tips and tricks. We will also cover important topics such as canine behavioral problems and bite prevention. All in a days work! And the best part? Lunch is on us!

Contact us for more details!

Board and Review

Board and Review

Do you have an upcoming vacation and plan on sticking your dog in a typical dog boarding kennel? Why not have your furry friend stay with us, have fun, and learn a thing or two instead of sitting around in a cage all day?

When you sign your dog up for our Board and Review program, they will have a vacation of their own. They will spend most of their day playing, exercising, and socializing under the supervision of one of our professional dog trainers. When they’re not doing that, we will teach or fine tune your dog’s training… all of this while you’re relaxing and enjoying your vacation. Not too bad of a deal is it?

Want to learn more or book an appointment? Contact us today for more details!



We love to share our dog training experience with fellow dog lovers. We would be happy to speak with your group about the benefits of reward based dog training. Our staff can meet with your group, training club, or pet store to cover a wide range of training topics.

We will share why we use reward based training programs and the importance of positive reinforcement. We can also cover using remote training collars, for motivation, retrieving, basic & advanced obedience, bite prevention in schools, and a few of our favorite tricks.

Interested in scheduling a seminar? Contact Us today for more information!

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You can come to us or we can come to you in any of the following Georgia Counties, Cities, or Zip Codes. Don't see your area? Find a Sit Means Sit Dog Trainer near you.



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Check out a few of our dog training videos to see our dog trainers in action! While your watching, think how awesome it would be to see your dog doing what these dogs can do. After, contact us for a Free Evaluation and we can make it happen!

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Trainers & Staff

Click on a trainer or staff member to learn more about who will be training your canine companion. Our professional dog trainers have years of experience with a track record of success.

  1. Alex Tutterrow
    Alex Tutterrow
  2. Nancy Baraff
    Nancy Baraff
  3. Amy Murphy
    Amy Murphy
  4. Shelby Grace Daniel
    Shelby Grace Daniel

Alex Tutterrow Owner

Alex was born in North Carolina and raised In Marietta, Georgia. His passion for training dogs began in college.  After graduating from the University of Georgia Alex served as a police officer for six years. 9 years ago he saw a need for quality balanced dog training in North Metro Atlanta and opened Sit Means Sit North Metro.  Over the past 9 years Alex has become the areas most trusted and sought after trainers.

Alex has been happily married for 10 years and is the proud father of 2 boys and a little girl. They share their home with his retired Malions, a Boykin Spaniel, and a chihuahua.

Nancy Baraff Head Trainer

Married 24 years , mother of two and proud grandmother of two boys. 

In 2009 I began training with Alex where I found my love & passion communicate with our canines.  In 2014 I began my employment with Sit Means Sit. I am currently the head trainer and oversea the workings of our faculty and our immersion program. I also teach weekly class as well as private lessons. I am certified through Loving Hands Animal Clinic in Pet First Aid and CPR and completed Dog Obedience training from Leerburg. 

The love of my job and helping people gives me a drive to seek out all forms of continuing education in order to  always stay current & fresh.

Amy Murphy Office Manager

Amy grew up here in Cumming. Her love of dogs began at an early age. Her mom was one to never say no to a stray; so from large to small, they took in them all. These days Amy and her family own 4 dogs of their own, have 2 foster dogs, and continue to be rescue advocates. As our office manager Amy is not responsible for the training of our dogs, but she always makes it a point to get to know and love our client’s dogs just as if they were her own.

Shelby Grace Daniel Lead Kennel Tech

I’m Shelby Grace Daniel, I am 21 years old and have lived in Georgia all my life. I have three cats and I love spending time with my friends and family and traveling. I have 3 years of caring for animals professionally. I really enjoy working with animals, and love having the opportunity to bond with them as well.


What better way is there to learn about a business than hearing what their customers have to say about them? Click below to read a few of our testimonials to hear first hand what our customers think about our dog training services.

I enrolled my Great Dane, Malley, in the 2 week immersion program. She has been home now for 3 days and I am completely amazed how much this program has done for her. Prior to the immersion program, Malley was the “boss.” She listened very little and had become a bully to one of my other dogs. So bad, in fact, for nearly a month and a half prior to enrollment the two had to be kept in separate rooms of the house and were forced to take turns spending time with the entire family. She is doing amazingly well since returning home and has significantly responded to all the training methods in which this wonderful company teaches.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff within this facility. From my initial consultation with Alex, to the professionalism of Amy, and the outstanding training from Nancy, Sit Means Sit deserves more than just the 5 stars I’m allowed to rate them. Thank you to everyone for the great care and training you’ve provided to my 4 legged kid!!! I’m eternally grateful and look forward to utilizing this establishment for Malley’s on going education as well as some training for a couple others in my pack!!!

We are the owners of Jamie – the dog who was labeled a “red zone” dog by another trainer. Alex believed from the start that Jamie was not that type of uncontrollable animal. Nancy worked with Jamie in the immersion program, and she and Alex worked with us at our home and in group classes to reinforce the instruction and to give us guidance on how to manage an energetic, young lab. Jamie was a rescue dog, but now he is our well-behaved pet, and we owe that change to Alex and Nancy.

I’m Laurie, Oliver the German Shepherds mom. I don’t have facebook so I’m writing on this page. I need to give you bullet points otherwise I would not be able to stop writing about Oliver’s handler, Nancy and the care & training she and the staff provided Oliver.

  • Patient, Positive, Funny, Enthusiastic
  • Clean facility, Caring and understanding staff of mom & pups anx away from each other
  • Excellent communication on your worries and updates on progress and pictures

This said, I researched and spoke to at least 10 trainers, had 1 in house trainer and attended 1 class. I would have NEVER left Oliver to board and train ANYWHERE until I met Alex and watched Nancy’s videos on training.
We traveled 2 1/2 hours each way, more than once, if that doesn’t say it all I don’t know what does.
If you are looking for help and are unsure regardless of your reasons, please trust them like I did.

Oliver’s background: Rescue, not fond of people or being out in public.

Took him to the park today, for the first time ever, he ignored those nearby and even the ducks! If you work hard, have fun and keep your confidence high, everything will come together with the foundation that Sit Means Sit provides.

Thank you everyone for caring about us!

I can’t thank Alex and team enough to for their dedication in training Me on how to help Stella with her aggressiveness towards other dogs while on leash. Today was our 4th lesson and she is a different dog!!!! The methods used don’t break a dogs spirit like other methods I’ve seen. Excellent program that I highly recommend! Can’t wait to go to class Wednesday!

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